My Books

Say I Do, Sunshine
(Say Standalone Book 1)

Bellamy Drummon doesn't have time for relationships. She's too busy making a life for herself outside of the toxic environment she grew up in. Now part of a renowned wedding planning duo with her best friend, 'Fixin' To I Do' gets their very first celebrity client. If this wedding goes perfectly, they may end up with a storefront and clientele of their very own.

Veteran Aaron Lark just wants to find his purpose again. After nearly ten years in the military, he never thought of life...after. When his sister's company gets a celebrity bridal client and she hires him for private security, he can't believe his luck. Because the beauty who told him off at the bar just the night before happens to be one of the bride's wedding planners. He's immediately drawn to the assertive woman who speaks her mind and obviously can't stand him.

Will Bellamy remain impassive to Aaron's charms? Or will their forced time together blossom into something...more?

Say I'm Yours, Firecracker
(Say Standalone Book 2)

Due 12.5.23

She has three rules:

  1. No Names

  2. No Repeats

  3. No Feelings

Veronica, aka Ronnie, has always been a…free spirit. She’s addicted to experiences, and the high it inevitably brings.

Until one decision derails her perfectly curated life.

She finally caught the attention of the mystery man from her favorite club, Dusk ‘Til Dawn

Well, now she’s had him, and what a night that was.

A night that left her with a little surprise…

Finn isn’t the type to get attached.

He’s never been in a long term relationship, never even been in love, much less been a father.

He’s scared, and intimidated by the blonde bombshell who is carrying their child.

As a spoiled trust fund kid, he’s never been accountable for anyone but himself.

He doesn’t know the first thing about being responsible.

The two of them have to find a way to co-exist, and raise this baby together.

Ronnie may be a free spirit, but she doesn’t want to do this alone.

Finn may have zero experience, but he doesn’t want to fail…again.

Can the two of them do this without falling in love?

Trigger Warnings to consider, even though I try to be as transparent as I can in my author letter, I like to list out the triggers you may encounter in Say I'm Yours, Firecracker. While I would love for you to read my books, I would like for you to protect your mental health first.

  • Survivors Guilt

  • PTSD

  • Body Dysmorphia/Disordered Eating

  • Miscarriage Scare/Infertility

  • Loss of Loved Ones

  • Suicide