Say I'm Yours, Firecracker

Preorders will include;

  • Two art prints. The first is by the insanely talented @sarahcrisp, the second is the amazing @elivrayn! They both did such an incredible job capturing Ronnie and Finn!

  • Character Magnets

  • Stickers

Say I Do, Sunshine ➳ Available Now

A plus-size, chronic people avoider is blindsided by an upbeat, never take no for an answer Veteran who is determined to break down her walls and claim her flaws and all.

Bellamy Drummon doesn’t have time for relationships. She’s too busy making a life for herself outside of the toxic environment she grew up in. Now part of a renowned wedding planning duo with her best friend, ‘Fixin’ To I Do’ gets their very first celebrity client. If this wedding goes perfectly, they may end up with a storefront and clientele of their very own.

Veteran Aaron Lark just wants to find his purpose again. After nearly ten years in the military, he never thought of life…after. When his sister’s company gets a celebrity bridal client and she hires him for private security, he can’t believe his luck. Because the beauty who told him off at the bar just the night before happens to be one of the bride’s wedding planners. He’s immediately drawn to the assertive woman who speaks her mind and obviously can’t stand him.

Will Bellamy remain impassive to Aaron’s charms? Or will their forced time together blossom into something…more?

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